Development of Macromolecular Recognition Systems

Molecular recognition technology, which identifies and separates small molecules, has made great progress in the framework of supramolecular chemistry and is now being applied to various molecular separation technologies. However, recognition of macromolecules is extremely difficult, and it has been considered impossible with conventional molecular recognition methods. Macromolecules are generally in the shape of long strings, and can take various conformations. As a result, traditional molecular recognition techniques have not been able to identify small differences hidden in their long, large structures. 

We are trying to realize macromolecular recognition by using a porous crystal called a metal-organic framework (MOF) as a recognition medium. If macromolecular recognition technology is developed, it will not only dramatically improve the purity of various polymer materials that have been difficult to purify until now, but it will also be an innovative technology that enables us to obtain polymers with an unprecedented structure. Macromolecular recognition technology will lead not only to polymer separation and analytical breakthroughs but also to innovation for polymer synthesis.



我々は、多孔性金属錯体(Metal–Organic Framework: MOF)と呼ばれる多孔性結晶を認識媒体として利用し、高分子認識の実現へと挑戦しています。高分子認識技術が開発されれば、これまで精製が困難であった様々な高分子素材群の純度を飛躍的に向上できるだけでなく、これまで手にすることができなかった特殊な構造を持つ高分子を得ることのできる革新的な合成技術にも繋がります。